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We Jiaxun, which is a professional industrial furnace supplier. Which has a history of more than 60 years in production of heating equipment.

The products of the Company include all kinds of thermostatic Furnaces & Oven in which whether electricity or vapor or fuel is used, all kinds of industrial electric furnaces, environment test equipment, and various other equipment, and various equipment used for special purposes, such as the high-safe energy-saving oven for drying insulating varnish of motors, dryers used for air immersed transformer, curing ovens used for abrasive tools, curing oven used for modified diaphragm in soda industry, plastic sealing device for paper cards, metal powder sintering furnaces, ferrous powder reduction furnaces, steam-curing furnace and as well as the testing ovens for oil well-testing instrument. That means, we–professional furnace supplier can help you solve every problem in this field.

The Company has been engaging in the development and production of large-sized and non-standard heating equipment for a long time and we have the advantage in design and production of non-standard equipment according to the specific requirements of users.

The products of the Company–professional furnace supplier have been widely used for drying of insulating varnish in motors and electric appliances, curing of abrasive materials, heat treatment of metal parts, aging of materials, powder metallurgy, sintering of electron ceramic materials, testing of environmental temperature and etc. They sell well all over the country and part of them is for export every year.

With advanced quality control measures our Company–professional furnace supplier has a strong technical capacity in development and production of products. In our products the advanced digital display intelligent meters and computer control system have been employed, The technical indexes of the products are in the lead compared with similar products in domestic market, Since our Company has been holding the principle of User First she has successively won the reputation of “abiding by contracts and word” for eight years.

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