Electric heating oven commonly made by thin steel plate, while the surface painted, and the work room produced with high quality structural steel. Between the outside shell and working room filled with aluminum silicate fiber. Heater installed at the bottom, also can be placed on top or two side. Temperature control instrumentation using digital panel meters, PID regulation: configured with 999.99 hours time controller and connected to an alarm system. Make oven operation more simple, fast and effective.

Electric heating oven structure introduction:

1, Chamber design perfect, box using CNC machining, easy to operate;
2, With double glass observation window, for observing the situation of working room;
3, High-quality mirror stainless steel plate liner, shell as A3 plate with powder painting treatment, make it more clean and beautiful;
4, Circuit system uses side door open, which is easy to maintenance and repair;
5, Air circulation system with low noise, long life, high quality air conditioning fan, the wind wheel as multi-blade centrifugal fan. Hot air circulation system consists of fan and appropriate air duct who can continuous operation under high temperature condition. Work room temperature uniformity.

Electric heating oven control systems:

Thermostat: temperature controller with touch buttons, digital LED display, PID intelligent control instruments.

Display resolution:

Temperature: 0.1 ℃ (display range);
Time: 0.1min.

Temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance thermometer body.
Control method: heat balance thermostat.
Temperature control using PID + SSR system same channel coordination control.
With automatic calculation function, can be immediately corrected according to temperature condition, make sure the temperature control more accurate and stable.
Ancillary functions: fault alarm and cause handling prompts, power protection, calendar timer function (automatic start and automatic stop running functions), self-diagnostic function.

Electric heating oven

Electric heating oven

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