Heating oven usage analysis in common use:

A Welding type for heating oven usage:

1, Diamond blade welding, and the welding for cemented carbide saw blade welding and diamond cutting tools, grinding, drilling.
2, Machining use carbide cutting tools welding. Such as welding of turning tool, planing, milling cutters, reamers and other cutting tools.
3, Welding mining tools, such as “Flat Tip” drill bits, column tooth bits, dovetail coal drill bits, drill rods riveting, all kinds welding of shearer teeth, various road header teeth.
4, Various wood working tools welding, such as various wood working planer, milling and welding of various wood working drill.

B Forging, rolling type for heating oven usage:

1, Plate heating, bending and forming.
2, Standard parts, through hot forming of fasteners .
3, Hardware tools diathermy, such as pliers, wrenches and other heat through hot forming.
4, Extrusion of prospecting taper shank drill rod.
5, Pipe bends such as through thermoforming.
6, Metal material heat annealing. Such as: brass pipe, steel tensile, bending, smashing head;
Steel wire and iron wire heating to make nail;
Annealing for stainless steel products.
7, Back of automobile thermal bridges thermal loading, rotors, bearings, gears and other parts of hot installation.

Heating oven usage analysis in common useC Heating treatment type:

1, Various heat treatment for hardware tools, hand tools. Such as pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, axes, etc.
2, Various types of automobile parts, motorcycle accessories, high frequency quenching treatment. Such as: crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, crank pin,
Sprocket, camshaft, valves, all kinds of rocker, rocker shaft;
Various gears inside transmission, spline shafts, axle mass support, a variety of small shaft, all kinds of fork high frequency quenching treatment.
3, A variety of gear on electric tools, shaft or others high-frequency quenching treatment .
4, Various hydraulic components, pneumatic components HF hardening heat treatment. Such as pump column.
5, Plugs, rotor pump;
Variety of reversing shaft, pump gear, etc. quenching.
6, Heat treatment of metal parts. Such as gears, sprockets, a variety of shaft, spline shafts, pins and other high-frequency quenching.
7, Quenching on machine tool in machine industry, rail bed processing.

D Smelting type:

1, Small precious metal smelting.
2, Smelting in a number of for copper, aluminum, etc

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