Mesh belt fast dewaxing sintering furnace 2

Mesh belt fast dewaxing sintering furnace advantages:

High efficiency dewaxing: adopts high-temperature radiant tube heating make the workpiece best dewaxing temperature quickly, and then use direct-fired gas blowing to powder compaction, making rapid decomposition of lubricant on workpiece, and then discharged from stove.
Good sintered product quality: dewaxing clean, no carbon deposition and carbon removal, no bubbling, bursting, and out of dimensional accuracy control.
High capacity, low energy consumption for per unit product.
Furnace residues easy cleanup: adopts no muffle design, residue automatically flow into furnace bottom, and while open one end to clean the door can cleanup clearly.
High degree of automation equipment: intuitive analog display, automatic temperature control and movement, thorough sound alarm devices and lockout protection.

Main technical performance and features of mesh belt fast dewaxing sintering furnace:

Maximum Dimensions: approximately 24600 × 2280 × 2020mm3 (length × width × height).
Highest temperature as 1150 ℃ (dewaxing and preheat zone is 950 ℃).
Belt width: 24″≈610mm, made of stainless steel 314.
Sintering furnace section material: high quality silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide material.
Number of temperature control zones: 2 dewaxing zones + 1 preheat zone + 4 sintering zones, total of 7 zones.
Temperature power adjustment method: dewaxing and preheat zone using gas pulse combustion control, sintering using SCR phase movement voltage, Regulation, PID regulation mechanisms.
Belt drive adjustment: by using of inverter stepless speed, range: 50 ~ 250mm/min.
Operation control system: PLC automatic process control, friendly interface operation, display and recording process parameters.Mesh belt fast dewaxing sintering furnace

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