Mesh belt sintering furnace, also known as sintered mesh belt furnace, mesh belt furnace, sintering furnace, powder metallurgy sintering furnace, mesh belt type sintering furnace, mesh belt powder metallurgy sintering furnace.

Mesh belt sintering furnace

Mesh belt sintering furnace

Mesh belt sintering furnace usage:

Mainly used for sintered powder metallurgy products.

Features of mesh belt sintering furnace:

Complete equipment composed of furnace body, mesh belt drive system, atmosphere and temperature control system.
Furnace comprised by feeding section, burn section, sintering segment, slow cooling section, water cooling section and material outlet section.
Mesh belt drive system with a high resistance and transmission devices and other components.
Mesh belt running speed adjusting by means of inverter, configured with digital display mesh belt testing device, can be read straight belt speed.
Temperature control system comprised by thermocouple temperature control system, digital intelligent PID controller and SCR, form a closed loop control system, to realize automatic precise temperature control.
Protection flow atmosphere is shown by gas flow meter. Could be adjusted according to the process flow of various atmosphere.
Cooling water temperature control element controlled by a solenoid valve opening and closing to achieve automatic control.

Mesh belt sintering furnace is continuous production line for powder metallurgy sintering. Mainly used for pressed forming iron base, copper base and other related powder metallurgy products, under condition of protective atmosphere to process ideal continuous sintering. Workpiece at high temperature non-oxidizing heating, cooling, achieve the effect of light treatment. Belt sintering furnace suitable for sintering powder metallurgy; and a variety of precision parts for brazing (brazing, silver soldering, etc.); bright annealing for copper alloy parts, magnetic materials; stainless steel (such as stainless steel cutlery, stainless steel knives, stainless steel precision products ) light treatment; stainless steel heat pipe of black, blue treatment.

Mesh belt sintering furnace with features of advanced control, significant energy saving, easy maintenance. Line heating zones adopt non-contact automatic power adjustment PID control, multi-zones temperature control. Workpiece with high temperature metal mesh belt conveyor + electromagnetic variable speed. Accordance with the process can be arbitrarily set. Cooling section with water jacket cooling, when the water temperature exceeds set value, it will automatically increase the cooling flow and reduce water temperature. Mesh belt sintering furnace mesh belt drive system with large rollers or roller compacted drag dragging; imported converter stepless, smooth operation, protect property.

Belt width (in)

L (mm) H (mm) W (mm) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm)) F (mm) Preheating Temp (℃) Sintering Temp (℃) Heating power (Kw)
12 19660 1970 1660 4200 4600 500 6000 2200 2000 850 1150 162
14 20380 1970 1660 4200 4600 550 6530 2200 2000 850 1150 198
18 21520 1870 4730 2400 4855 730 6590 2200 2000 850 1150 252
24 22300 2020 4730 2400 4855 730 6800 2600 2000 850 1150 388
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