Solid solution furnace

Solid solution furnace

Pusher rod sintering furnace
Pit resistance furnace

A, Pit resistance furnace basic structure:

1, Pit resistance furnace lining: furnace bottom & furnace lining adpot upper layer is made of heavy refractory bricks, while insulation layer constructed by lightweight refractory bricks and diatomaceous earth, fire-resistant layer with a high hot strength to ensure that there is no deformation under long-term working, insulation layer, thermal insulation layer effect is good, so can ensure surface bottom temperature rise does not exceed the standard requirements.

Surround the furnace lining consisted of refractory layer and insulation layer. Refractory layer made of lightweight brick, there is aluminum silicate fiber acupuncture blanket between refractory layer and insulation layer. The function of insulation layer is for insulating and thermal insulation, reducing heat loss and play a supporting role for lining structural strength. Therefore, the insulation layer is made of bricks and vermiculite insulation (perlite), with the overall form a composite lining, to ensure that small temperature rising of furnace outer wall, so that the overall structure of lining absorption of heat less heat than usual type. The use of fire-resistant material overall constructed for oven mouth, which has features of anti-wear, compression, resistance high temperature and other characteristics. Also set heat-resisting steel protection ring, to avoid collision when workpiece in&out of the furnace, for further protecting the oven mouth.

The entire furnace brickwork construction in strict accordance with the standard requirements.

2,Pit resistance furnace heating element: resistance wire installed on the lining, made of high-temperature, iron chrome aluminum resistance wire, leading bar also use the same material and furnace wire.

B. Pit resistance furnace construction requirements:

1, Refractory material performance: compliance with refractory specification, bulk density, porosity, water absorption, permeability, compression, thermal expansion, electrical conductivity, hot and cold resistance, refractoriness, load softening point, thermal stability, chemical stability, the indicators have reached the furnace construction material selection requirements.
2, Insulation material properties: insulation resistance, thermal resistance, insulation indicators meet the requirements.
3, Construction mud properties: refractoriness, room temperature adhesion indicators meet the requirements.
4, Clay: in according to heat treatment furnace techniques request, size, brick dimensions, construction way, thermal expansion joints meet the requirements. Follow resistance furnaces building codes.
5, Heating element material: heating element to meet the requirements, according to the heat treatment equipment manufacturing and installation of metal heating element specification and in accordance with industry standards.

Pit resistance furnace

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