steam oxidation treatment furnace

Steam oxidation treatment furnace Type 1

Steam oxidation treatment furnace usage:

Steam oxidation treatment furnace used for formation iron-based powder metallurgy by sintering furnace to treatment surface oxidation, and also used as other mechanical parts black surface treatment.

Steam oxidation treatment furnace features:

1, Consist of furnace body, lifting mechanism, stirring fans, steam boilers, temperature control systems and other components.
2, Furnace body as circular shape, which composed by steel plate, furnace shell welded by structural steel and the use of ultra-lightweight refractory bricks, lining insulation materials, heating element placed on the shelf silk brick, hearth furnace with stainless steel welded into the furnace tank, while furnace cover fitted with loop mixing fan.
3, Heating elements are arranged in three zones, controlled subsection by import intelligent temperature instrument.
4, Temperature control system consists of thermocouple, digital intelligent PID regulator and solid state relays, form a closed loop control system, to realize automatic precise temperature control.


Steam oxidation treatment furnace Type 2

Oxidation furnace:

· Furnace pipe using 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel.
· Insulation materials made of high quality aluminum silicate cotton.
· Electric heating using ribbon or filamentous alloy, easy maintenance.
· Unique hot air circulation system, so that the working chamber temperature distribution evenly.
· Use water jacket cooling fan and furnace lid.
· Various protective atmosphere can manually adjust the flow according to process requirements.
· Imported intelligent temperature control instruments with no overshoot expert PID algorithm, triggered by zero-power module to control the heating power. Divided into 2-3 temperature control zone by upper and down, so that the furnace temperature is more uniform.
· Equipped with power meter, which can calculate the power consumption.
· With over-temperature alarm system, when the furnace temperature exceeds the set range can audible alarm signals, and cut off the heating power.
· Independent control cabinet can conveniently control, also available with centralized control in the control room.
· Since the temperature is uniform, and there is a certain pressure steam in the oven, the product oxide film thickness of 5 ~ 8μm, with good compactness, and uniform hardness.

Size of room Max. size E (mm) F (mm) G (mm) H (mm) L (mm) Temp (℃) Heating power (Kw)
Φ650*500 Φ500*500 320 370 450 1524 2290 650 650
Φ1200*900 Φ1000*900 320 370 450 2100 2880 650 650
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