Wind turbine curing drying room

Wind turbine curing drying room usage:

Used for wind generator winding insulation dry curing.

Wind turbine curing drying room features:

1, Adopt imported program temperature control device, via voltage regulator to control the heating power.
2, Independent over-temperature alarm device, when over-temperature heating power can be cut off, and alarm sound and light.
3, Using paperless recorder to record the temperature in the furnace and heating chamber, also has the function of over-temperature alarm.
4, Adopt computer detects the furnace, with concentration monitoring and alarm device, also there is a pressure detection and alarm device.
5, When running, at first, make use of the outer loop heating, exhaust gas discharged directly. After reach 130 ℃, manually switch close outer loop, start the inner loop, that is safe and energy efficient.
6, The exhaust pipe with heating exchanger device can preheat intake, play a role in energy conservation. Furnace cover use hydraulic opening and closing, safe and reliable. Heating and blast, furnace cover, electric repair door use chain lock structure.

Wind turbine curing drying room 2