Curing oven working and operational processes

Curing oven working and operational processes:

A Curing oven working principle:

With finned type heat sink and stainless steel heating tube as heat source, by meaning of blower to convection of air heating assembly to heating air, heat transfer through hot air and material, while air passing through inlet replenished constantly, wet air exhaust the oven, to make furnace temperature rising gradually and also preheated mold gradually.

B Preparation before stating the machine:

① Operator must be familiar with curing oven structural performance, work principle, adjustment methods, methods of operation and maintenance knowledge.
② Inspection equipment condition and cleanning situation.
③ Check the electrical system is perfect, whether the motor is moisture or leakage.

C Curing process furnace operation processes:

① Firstly, trolleys and oven interior clean.
② Open power source device switch by turnning device “Power Switch” button (twist key to right).
③ Open the door, put the mold and material on trolley and push into oven, then close the door.
④ Set oven temperature, and turn on oven button of “fan” and “warming”.
⑤ Achieve curing time and open the door, push launch car out of oven door, then take out the material after curing.
⑥ In the end of the work, shut down “warming” and “Fan” button, make sure that heating system, blower system stop working.
⑦ Finally close “power switch” switch, close the main valve, open the furnace door, then remove the dried material, work program end.

D Curing oven handling precautions:

① Ovens installation site should be flat and smooth.
② Electrical control personnel with professional management and maintenance; when the cabinet do not use, should cut off the power supply to ensure safety.
③ Do not place flammable objects into the oven, in order to avoid accidents.

Curing oven working and operational processes

Curing oven working and operational processes

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